Zodi Blu by ParallaxCreates

I create art on many levels, it's my passion. "Zodi Blu" is 3d Artwork that I created with beauty and elegance in mind. Zodi is my Virtual Fashion Model, she's presented a lot of my 3d modeling products over the years. I wanted to create something with her that felt tropical and intimate. Sort of an isolated moment with Zodi. 

This video features some brief 3d modeling of her dress and 3d jewelry. I've been experimenting with different ways of showcasing my technical skills while deviating from the usual 3d timelapses that other artists typically upload to Youtube. Luckily, I have music in my corner too! I DJ'd in and out of nightclubs when I was teenager so music runs through me alongside my visual artistic passions. I hope you enjoy the video and music!

3d Modeling by ParallaxCreates

Software used:
3ds Max
Substance Painter

[None of my work is AI assisted I have been professionally 3d modeling, texturing and rigging assets for over a decade. My website has my portfolio for those unfamiliar with my work.]


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