The Hallows by ParallaxCreates

In another dimension lies a darkness where the pulse of life is silent. This dimension can only connect to ours through "The Hallows". Who knows what roams "The Hallows"...

3d Modeled by ParallaxCreates. I redesigned the headdress so it it's a bit different than the reference (info below about the reference). I 3d modeled and rigged it from scratch. The only 2D element in this artwork is the red area behind her. I wanted to add texture into the artwork because 3D sceneries/renders can often look too clean. Otherwise, the lighting is also of my doing. It's something I am very passionate about apart from 3D Modeling.

Reference Backstory:
I created "The Hallow" in collaboration with Photographer Sergei Ramos. He sent me several photographs from his amazing photoshoots and I picked one as a reference to 3d Model from.


Software used:
2ds Max
Substance Painter

[None of my work is AI assisted. I have been professionally 3d modeling, texturing and rigging assets for over a decade. My website has my portfolio for those unfamiliar with my work.] 

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